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Cacao Hacienda " EL CASTILLO"

- Day Trip -

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Ecuador is an exporter of pineapple, coffee and cocoa. The delicious chocolates from Switzerland and Germany are made, among others, from Ecuador's cocoa.
Our day trip starts in Guayaquil (or Salinas) and takes us on the Ruta de la Costa towards Salinas (Guayaquil). After about 60 km we reach the hacienda "El Castillo". The two gate towers have probably given the hacienda her name ... ?? The hacienda itself was founded after the war by a German called Wagenführ. After the death of the owner, who died in a tragic accident in a commercial building in Guayaquil, the hacienda was empty for many years. Ecuadorians then bought the hacienda and continue to farm it today. The hacienda has about 200 ha; 130 ha alone with cocoa trees.
In addition to the cocoa and mango cultivation, the owners operate the "Castillo" as a very nicely designed hotel. Spacious and very cozy, light-flooded rooms also invite to multi-day stays. (Excursions from here) On the extensive grounds is also enough space for larger family celebrations and events. The swimming pool will soon be reconstructed. Although the rooms have no air conditioning, but are well-conditioned by the construction of the house. The kitchen offers varied, local food and delicious creations..
The cultivated cocoa is processed in a small processing plant and "chocolate factory" to a very, very delicious chocolate mass, which can also be bought there immediately. This 55% and 70% chocolate is suitable for consumption and preparation of a delicious drinking chocolate. From the white mass that surrounds the cocoa beans, a delicious liquor is prepared, which will be handed to visitors for your sightseeing tour ... with some rum .. delicioso ... !!
But in addition to the admiration of the hotel area, we are also here to see the Cacaoanpflanzungen, the natural area "cerro seco" with many species of birds and learn how a small cocoa plant is a tree and how its fruits are finally processed into a delicious chocolate , At the beginning we can expect the already mentioned delicious cocoa liqueur, which is served with baked plantains and a cheese cream. Then it starts and we are led over a few hectares of the big hacienda. After the tour and the explanation of the harvest and first processing, our guide shows us how the beans are finally used to extract the cocoa mass. after the fermentation process ....
... the dried cacao beans get into the chocolate factory. There they are processed in roasting machines and finally pressed from the cocoa mass the chocolate .. but the details we will hear during the tour .. Of course, we can taste the final product in the form of a small chocolate bar and also like to buy. The chocolate of "El Castillo" is also sold in Ecuador in larger supermarket chains.
After the tour we return to the "Castillo", where the prepared lunch awaits us. Strengthened and with much information and impressions of this area we leave the hacienda and return to Guayaquil, respectively continue on our tour on the Ruta del Sol (depending on the travel plan).  

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We would be happy to welcome you in this little paradise.

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